1. Select a program

2. Select your location

If you are currently on a mobile device, we can pinpoint your current location with the help of geolocation (think GPS). Click on the ‘Get current location’ button below and allow us access to pinpoint your location. No other information will be taken, just your current location.

Note: If you are using a non-mobile device (aka a desktop or laptop computer), this will not be an accurate representation of your current location. You can however drag the map pointer on the map if you wish to tweak the location given.

*Note: You can edit your saved locations under your profile page.

Click on the map to place a marker on the location you wish save or write in the latitude and longitude below. Then give your location a name, and it will be saved under “My saved locations: for future observations.

3. Submit your FrogWatch observation.

3. Submit your PlantWatch observation.

3. Submit your IceWatch observation.

3. Submit your WormWatch observation.

Volume of hole: (quantified hand-sort only)