This earthworm catalogue will provide you with an illustration of most earthworms, as well as some additional information about each earthworm species. You will be able to use this information to confirm your identifications. The earthworms are grouped according to their colour. Within each group, the earthworms are arranged alphabetically. Each illustration depicts the ventral side of the earthworm’s clitellum.The following figure will help orient you when looking at the illustrations in the catalogue.

Ventral view of an Earthworm’s Clitellum

Illustrations, in some cases, have been adapted from Daniel L. Dindalís illustrations in The Earthworms of Ontario (1977).

The following pages describe the three Earthworm Colour Groupings

  1. Dark red, red, or red-violet coloured body
  2. Muddy-green coloured body
  3. Other body colours