Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
Also known as: milfoil


Bloom time: June – September

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General: Common yarrow is a herb (a non-woody plant) about 30 cm to 70 cm tall. It has several stems rising from a branched rootstalk, and is strongly scented.

Leaves & Twigs: Leaves are aromatic if crushed, feathery, 4 cm to 15 cm long, silky-hairy, and blue-green.

Flowers & Fruits

  • Flowers are white (or rarely, light pink). Many small flowers form a roundish-topped dense cluster about 4 cm across.
  • The fruit or seed is small, flattened, dry and hard.

Habitat: Common yarrow grows along roadsides and in moist meadows and openings in the boreal woods or the parklands. It is often found in disturbed areas where the soil has been turned over.

PlantWatch Pointers: If the plants are very abundant, mark a plot about one metre by one metre in size.

To Observe:

  • First bloom: When the first flowers are open in the observed plants.
  • Mid bloom: When approximately half (50%) of the flowers on the plants under observation are now open, and the other half are still unopened buds.

Distribution Map:

Distribution Map

This species is monitored in:

  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Quebec

The latin name of yarrow refers to the Greek hero Achilles, who used this plant to heal soldiers’ wounds and yarrow remains a symbol of war in Greece today