Arctic WildlifeWatch is mobile friendly and easy to use. It’s designed to allow you to submit casual observations of terrestrial and marine mammals (birds will soon follow).

Before you start: Create an Arctic WildlifeWatch identity using your e-mail address and select a simple password that’s easy for you to remember. We do not collect personal information from users; your e- ail address is simply used to identify you as an observer. If you forget your password, you can reset it.

If you see an animal, please do the following:

Visit the species list

Review the photos and descriptions of the animal species we are monitoring. This will be especially helpful for distinguishing species that have similar appearance and characteristics, such as seals.
Once you have identified the species you’ve observed, go to the ‘Submit Observation’ menu. You can also skip directly to that menu if it’s a species that’s easy to identify, such as a polar bear.

On the submit observation page, select the Arctic WildlifeWatch program

Enter your location. If you are using your mobile device and have a live data connection, and you are standing near the animal you are observing, choose ‘Use current location’ and your phone will pin your location to our online map. If you’re entering your observation after you get home, select “Add a new location” and pin the location of your observation to the map.

Answer the questions that follow, using the drop down menus. Choose your province or territory where you made your observation from the dropdown menu. If you would like to add a photo and/or text comments please do so. Click ‘Submit observation’ and you’re done!

You can see where other Arctic WildlifeWatch observations have been made by clicking on the View Results menu item.

Click here to go to the Submit Observation page