FrogWatch Curriculum Material

Click on a link to download FrogWatch curriculum material

The Frog Files (K-6) [PDF – 5.67 MB]

  • An Educators Guide to Frogs for K-6
  • Authors: Terra Brie Stewart Koval and the Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network Coordination Office

Amphibial Pursuits (7-12) [PDF – 3.98 MB]

  • Amphibial Pursuits: FrogWatch Teachers’ Guide to Frogs as Indicators of Ecosystem Health
  • Environmental edu-action helps scientists identify threats to amphibians, a community education program of Nature Canada
  • Authors: MacDonald, N., 2002 Nature Canada

Wetland Curriculum Resource

  • Curriculum resources (K-12) links to the Toronto Zoo website.

FrogWatch Data Sheets

  • A printable version of the FrogWatch submission page.