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NatureWatch is a series of ecological monitoring programs that encourage you to become a citizen scientist.

NatureWatch lets you learn about the environment while gathering the information scientists need to monitor and protect it. Data collected through NatureWatch is being used to add to our knowledge of the effects of climate change and other impacts on biodiversity.

The NatureWatch program is now managed by the University of Ottawa Laboratory for Integrated Environmental & Policy Change in collaboration with Nature Canada.

Pond Scene
Photo credit: Lisa Grbinicek

NatureWatch programs provide the means for you to contribute in a meaningful way toward addressing the most pressing environmental problems now facing our world. At the same time, you develop sound scientific observation and data collection skills that you can use to become an ongoing, active, and responsible steward of the environment.

NatureWatch allows you to participate at your own pace and chosen location, even in your own backyard. While the monitoring protocols are scientifically rigorous, they are quick and easy to follow, and cater to beginner and expert alike.

NatureWatch gives you an outlet to act positively on nature's behalf. NatureWatch provides opportunities to physically explore the natural world, as well as a structure that encourages you to enjoy our natural heritage while contributing to a greater understanding of the threats our ecosystems face today.

Get involved in one or more NatureWatch programs and discover how natural ecosystems are changing in Canada - and why.

NatureWatch offers four monitoring programs to suit all levels and interests. The species, methodology, and protocols have been chosen and developed to be scientifically relevant, accessible to non-scientists, and engaging to the public.

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